RELEASE DATE: 24/03/2017

Ferman Akgül's first solo album came out on the 24th of March. MTV awarded singer/song writer Ferman Akgül will take his fans on a personal journey with his new album "Yürüyorum Içimde" (Walking inside 'myself').  With his new album Ferman introduces a new genre, alternative pop, to the Turkish audiences. 

The album is released by EMI-Universal Turkey in collaboration with Ferman's own label 06 Records. 11 strong songs will be released for pre-sale on Itunes on the 10th of March. The first single and video will be released on the 17th of March on all digital platforms and Ferman's VEVO channel before the full album goes on sale on the 24th of March, digitally and in stores around Turkey.

8 songs are written and composed by Ferman Akgül. 2 songs are composed by up- and coming Dutch producer Ufuk Özcan. The album has two surprises in store for fans; legendary Turkish producer and drummer Iskender Paydaş makes an appearance on drums on the song "Düş Sırtında" and Ferman's band member from maNga play the album's only rock song "Bana Gel".